Texans Foreclosure Assistance, SLLC. 


About Us

Texans Foreclosure Assistance, SLLC. is a professional house buying company in HOUSTON, TEXAS. We are not affiliated with any governmental Agency or Counselling Advisers.  

We are experienced Real Estate acquisition Company and we had helped many homeowners like yourself to buy and sell very quickly and avoid the hassles of traditional home selling.

Sell your property to us! We buy houses from people in situations like yours. It doesn't matter if is a small house, or luxury home. It doesn't matter if don't have equity or could have a SOLD house by this time next week, get a fair price. We are here to assist you and move on with fewer worries in your future.

We also specialize in Short Sales, allowing you to completely avoid a foreclosure and its consequences. Unlike real estate agents, we will purchase your house for our own portfolio, or provide housing for relocating employees and executives.  


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How It Works - Simple 4 Steps Process!

Step 1 - Enter your basic information right on this page! Make sure you enter any relevant information about your house or situation in the "notes" field.

Step 2 - One of our advisors will call you back within 24 hours. We will go over the details and if your house meets our criteria, arrange the time to view your home.

Step 3 - You will receive an offer for your property the same day, as-is, no cost or commissions. There will be no gimmicks, hidden cost or catches.

Step 4 - If you accept our offer, we will arrange the closing with you with one of the licensed and reputable closing/title companies. They will call you to pick up your check!


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